Below I have listed some of the books I read in the past (or which I am currently reading) and which had an impact on me, my work or any other aspect of my life. This list will grow over time …

General Management:

J Keith Murnighan – Do Nothing!: How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader (ISBN: 978-1591845300):
This book showed clearly how to change yourself if you get a promotion into management and what you should do and what NOT.

Team Management:

Kimball & Mareen Fisher – Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams (ISBN: 978-0071754934):
A very good book with some very practical tips and ideas. Some useful insights from the authors experience.


Vogel – Deutschland aus der Vogel Perspektive (ISBN: 978-3451292804):
A book from the brothers Hans-Jochen and Bernhard Vogel who both were important politicians in Germany … for two different political parties and in different functions on regional, state and federal level.

Helmut Schmidt – Außer Dienst (ISBN: 978-3570551035):
A book full of interesting stories and perspectives about world and European politics.

General reading:

Riaan Manser – Around Africa on my bicycle (ISBN: 978-1868423514):
This book describes exactly what’s in the title. It gives interesting insights into Africa’s diversity and obviously what comes with such a journey.

John Irving – In one person (ISBN: 978-0552778459):
It’s a very special read from John Irving spanning a time of 50-60 years of a person going through some difficult and interesting time. Entertaining, funny, sad and it requires strength to read on.